Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 37: Augmented Reality and User Defined Target using Vuforia

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Little by little we’re moving to

Download 5.2.4 version  Unity3D 32bit is available from here

Download # Download and Import Vuforia Core Features for Unity3D  (*.unitypackage file)

You can download it also from here.

Download # Snap Icon  (*.png file)

Download # Download Whole Augmented Reality and Vuforia User Defined Target Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it)  (*.rar file)

Download # Download app for Android device  (*.apk file)

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  1. Ehab

    Hallo dear
    can I know how I can reflect the car on that paper is there any device doing that please
    thank you

    • admin

      Please follow the Augmented Reality Tutorial 14 and instead of character import car from the asset store. Devices: Smartphones/Tablets/PC’s.

    • admin

      Yeah, sure, your welcome and my paypal account is… :))))

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