Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 38: Augmented Reality and Scaling Video Playback using Vuforia

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Little by little we’re moving to

Little by little we’re moving to

Download 5.2.4 version  Unity3D 32bit is available from here

Download # Download and Import Vuforia Advanced from Advanced Topic section for Unity3D  (*.unitypackage file)

You can download it also from here.

Download # Print Euforia of Beauty Logo for Scene Augmentation and Create the Tracker  (*.jpg file)

Download # You Can Use Already Created Tracker Based on Euforia of Beauty Logo  (*.unitypackage file)

Download # Print Chips and Stones Targets for Scene Augmentation  (*.pdf file)

Download # Archived App Content (*.m4v file video , C# scaling code, etc.)  (*.rar file)

Download # Download Whole Augmented Reality VideoPlayback Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it) (*.rar file)

Download # Download app for Android device (*.apk file)

35 Responses

  1. Ahmed

    Video with a new marker can not be played. The video with the marker provided can be played. Do I need to upgrade to Unity Pro to play the video? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • admin

      No need for Unity3D Pro license, really, it’s possible to make it on your own target just some attention is needed. Did you follow my steps?

  2. Photon

    I did everything step by step but my videos wont play.
    It shows up but it gives me the x image and when i click on it it gives me the loading image forever.
    How do i get my video to actuall play?

  3. Arturo

    Why my video and image appears inverted ? How can I fix that ?

    • von

      Struggling with this also, changing orientation by – scale does not work.

      The video in preview is correct, but when playing is inverted D:

    • von

      Aha fixed it, select the “Video” prefab, change Transform: Scale from +(number) to -(number), it inverts the image.


      Scale X 0.1 Y 0.1 Z -0.1 <—

      • Jack

        Excuse me sir, do you really fix it by changing the scale value from positive to negative? Because I can’t 🙁

        • admin

          All these fixes I’ll just leave it to you, my friend.

  4. Photon

    My bad i forgot to actually export it into a android project
    Now it works

  5. Photon

    For any one reading the comments


  6. mak

    I just want to say you are a beast, really appreciate the effort you put in.

  7. Alex

    Really thank you for your beautiful tutorial. I have a problem importing the whole project into unity3d. Using 5.3.4 version i cannot see the correct project. It depends on the version used?

  8. fazzeta

    I have followed some of your videos and i just want to say that you are the best ! I impressed many of my friends by popping out IRON MAN out of an envelope ha!

    and about this video playback, im stuck on ‘unsupported data on target platform’ when building.
    info: im using 5.3.1f1 and an .mp4 video
    i tried to convert to .m4v format just like in your sample, imported it but i cant add it to the scene (drag into video prefab)

    do you have any suggestion ??

    • admin

      When adding a video don’t forget to write the extension, for instance, in video tutorial case “Augmented_Reality_Technology.m4v” (I forgot the extension).

      • fazzeta

        thanks, now that i was able to add the video.
        and I put my video in StreamingAssets folder, just like in the videoplayback sample from vuforia so that it will be included in the apk file. Then I checked the autoplayback feature on the video prefab.

        On my device, the image texture showing the playback icon, yet the video wasn’t running.
        did i miss something??

  9. Vanya

    When you will make the tutorial of cloud recognition?

  10. AR-amateur

    How do I make this project work on pc, I am getting an error stating that “playing videos is not currently supported in the play mode”. What do I do?

    • admin

      Export it to Android device and test it out. It’s not supposed to work on PC.

      • TBLK1

        I want the same functionality to work on a PC. What can be done?

        • admin

          Export to android *.apk and use Bluestacks on PC to open the app.

  11. Jack

    Hello sir. The first time I run the project on android device, I was able to play the video in fullscreen mode with playback control when I tap the screen.

    Then the 2nd time I redownload the project (I accidently delete the first project), I was unable to play the video in fullscreen mode with playback control. I’ve check the code, saying that I should unable fullscreen menu on the UIMenu, but I can’t find that option. Could you give some tips how to achieve that? Thanks a lot sir.

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  13. AR Newbie

    Hello sir i’m trying to import my package database from vuforia but it says in the console was this:
    “Package does not contain valid import settings”

    I have already set the dataset to my own package and and input my image from ImageTargetChips.
    After compiling I try to run it on my android phone and when i detect my personal target image the video doesn’t show

  14. Aidil

    Hi Sir! I can’t load my own dataset for image marker. When I import the vuforia package. The dataset does not appear in the dataset section? Hope you can help me with this. Thank you

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