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  1. JoWeb

    Do you use Vuforia ? Do you need Network ? Tutorial ? :-)))

    • admin

      Yes, I used Vuforia. What do you mean by “do you need network?”, “tutorial?”?

  2. JoWeb

    network = 2 devices and 2 User’s Control one Character. I work on this but it is very heave to develop. The Syncronisaton must to be over Network.

    Tut ? you make a Tutorial from this. Download Source ect.

    • admin

      I haven’t done anything on this yet and it’s not in my plan list to do it.

      • dhiogo

        would be great if we could create a game based on that … could you make a tutorial? … I have many ideas to put into practice!

    • dhiogo

      JoWeb can you do a tutorial on connecting via network ?

  3. ahmed esmat

    is it possible to give us any info or hint about the making of this demo or can you please mention any reference can we used to learn scripting in unity and achieve same results

  4. ahmed esmat

    yes I know of course you using distance script……thanks……but the main part it’s how to modify the distance script parameters or how to write a new script me by using a playmaker or something else
    what is the best way to learn to script in unity

  5. jarek

    hola soy de peru . he vist o los tutoriales de unity3d sitio web y los scripts no son correctos .. gracias admin por la ayuda que nos brindas en tus tutoriales por que los ejemplos de unity web sites no me resultan nada

      • dhiogo

        “hello i’m from peru. i visit the tutorials of unity3d on the website and the scripts is not the right… thanks admin for the help that you gave to us on your tutorials because the unity’s examples in the website not help me.”

        -Something like that!, sorry for my bad english too!

        • admin

          So you’re saying my scripts are better than Unity3D scripts? :)))

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