[DEMO] Augmented Reality Super Sayan Songoku Kamehameha Effects using Kinect

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Little by little we’re moving to https://www.ourtechart.com/augmented-reality/augmented-reality-songoku-kamehameha/

This is Augmented Reality test using Kinect. It allows you to gather energy ball and release it as Kamehameha effect to the screen.

Download # Download Kinect Kamehameha (for Kinect SDK), Extract it and Start *.exe file (*.rar file)

Download # Download Kinect Kamehameha (for OpenNI2), Extract it and Start *.exe file (*.rar file)

Augmented Reality and Kinect Kamehameha program is also available to download from project website here

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  1. Joaquin

    an amazing job your tutorials are excellent I would like to know when we have available the project. Thank you so much

    • admin

      Soon, but it will be only as a DEMO, not something that I will share. At least for now.

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