[DEMO] Augmented Reality Super Sayan Songoku Kamehameha Effects using Kinect

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Little by little we’re moving to https://www.ourtechart.com/augmented-reality/augmented-reality-songoku-kamehameha/ This is Augmented Reality test using Kinect. It allows you to gather energy ball and release it as Kamehameha effect to the screen. Download # Download Kinect Kamehameha (for Kinect SDK), Extract it and … Continued

Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 29: Unity3D and Kinect for Face Tracking

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Little by little we’re moving to https://www.ourtechart.com/augmented-reality/augmented-reality-face-tracking-kinect/ In this tutorial face expressions are tracked and, accordingly to it, virtual devil mask’s expressions changes in Augmented Reality (possible 6 variations). Download # Unity3D (download and install it, if you don’t have it … Continued

Augmented reality Tutorial No. 27: Unity3D, Vuforia, Zigfu and Kinect – Control Character with Your Body

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Little by little we’re moving to https://www.ourtechart.com/augmented-reality/augmented-reality-body-tracking-kinect/ This Augmented Reality tutorial will allow you to control 3D character (Iron man, Unity Chan etc.) using your body. Kinect is used to track your body and web-camera is used to track Image … Continued