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    • admin

      Sorry, but I do not sell the book, you can try and search it on ebay, there’s plenty of other similar books related to augmented reality technology.

  1. Rohit

    I dnt want book. I want the packages and that u used. Like games and all.. If you can provide them it will be really helpful.

    • admin

      This book goes together with DVD disc in which you find the Augmented Reality software. It might be games, it might be some other exciting things related to Augmented Reality. So this is only DEMO of the book with games that someone else developed.

  2. Rohit

    I want to make final year btech project on agumnet reality so i need such things. You have also mentioned about the ultimate project, what is it ? Can you help me in building a project with me ?

    • admin

      I can tell you that Ultimate project won’t be available for free, it is something that I’ve been working and improving for several years, it’s a combination of Augmented Reality and Arduino.

      Tutorials – is the way that I help. You can’t find anything that would fit your idea? What is your idea?

  3. Rohit

    My idea is i want image recogination and text recogination connected with internet. Like if i want to know about a book , i just point my camera on the book cover and it will tell me the reviews. Its basically a part of Sisth sense technology developed by pranav mistry.

    • admin

      Image and text recognition is basically solved in my tutorials, but it is all predifined (images, text). If it is all predifined it would be easier. What worries – the search on the internet. But it might be that you want a little bit different application, for example, take any books cover picture, recognize it properly and make a search on the internet?

      • Rohit

        Yes exactly. By seeing weather it tells you about the weather.

        • admin

          Well, in my opinion, this is ahell of a work and I’m not sure how to make it possible.

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