Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 23: Unity3D and Vuforia – Smart Terrain

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Little by little we’re moving to

This is Augmented Reality tutorial that shows how to use Vuforia’s Smart Terrain capabilities.

Download # Unity3D (download and install it, if you don’t have it already) (*.exe file)

Unity3D is also available to download from here

Download # Download and Import Unity3D Extension (*.unitypackage file)

Unity3D extension is also available to download from here

Download # Print Euforia of Beauty Logo to Augment the Content and Create the Tracker  (*.jpg file)

Download # You Can Use Already Created Tracker Based on Euforia of Beauty Logo  (*.unitypackage file)

Download # Download Whole Project Files of Smart Terrain (the result to test it)  (*.rar file)

3 Responses

  1. ahmed

    hello, thx for the tutorial its helpful 🙂
    as far as i understand the primary surface used to track the scene which could be as the size of a dinning table, what if there is 5 image targets on 5 different places ( not far away), would that extend the size?
    example: lets say i did put 4 image targets at the edges of a table, would they all be tracked at the same time and the “props” would be the same for both? , or each target would define its own scene and props?

    hopefully u can understand what i mean 😀

    • admin

      This is something that you will have to test on your own, but I would say each target would have separate “props” not the same. This is my logical guess.

  2. sami alfarra

    Thank you can put real person near 3d object using smart terrain or extend target

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