Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 31: Augmented Reality META Glasses (8 parts)

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Little by little we’re moving to

This is 8 part tutorial of Augmented Reality META Glasses. META company itself provides these tutorials in text-picture format.


Tutorial Content (Download project below):

1. Tutorial Part No. 1 – Hello MetaWorld

2. Tutorial Part No. 2 – Making a MetaBody

3. Tutorial Part No. 3 – Tracking a MarkerTarget

4. Tutorial Part No. 4 – Tracking a CanvasTarget

5. Tutorial Part No. 5 – Writing a MetaBehaviour

6. Tutorial Part No. 6 – Designing an MGUI panel

7. Tutorial Part No. 7 – Designing MGUI navigation

8. Tutorial Part No. 8 – Writing an App navigation script


Download #  Download META SDK (*.exe file)

META SDK and Apps are also available to download from here

Download # Download Whole Augmented Reality META Glasses Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it)  (*.rar file)


26 Responses

  1. Joaquin

    Hello very good job I would like to know when you will go up the project I am waiting .A greeting and thanks

  2. Megha

    hello sir, i m a student i want to develop my own project which is interior designing using marker less augmented reality how can i do that can you give me a demo on that topic which i can use as a reference for my project…. please give me a demo on interior designing using augmented reality…
    actually i m very confused so it would be really great if you help me out so please let me know how it work through your demo for interior designing augmented reality… i have prepared the marker based interior designing by taking reference of your demos but now i want to do it in markerless sooo please give me one demo on it please

  3. Megha

    suppose i want to take run time image directly to my application and user can place wherever he want how can i do tht ?? which platform will be suitable for my project?? suppose i want to take image from a online shopping site as input to my application and as output user will see how that interior look like..

    • admin

      Just to make it clear, you’re talking about the app using META glasses, right? By saying “runtime image directly” you mean that take a snapshot from camera with augmented content, and place this taken picture in any place you want in augmented reality?

  4. Joaquin

    Hello very good job I have this
    Error DllNotFoundException : MetaVisionDLL
    Meta.CanvasTracker.Release ( )
    Meta.CanvasTracker.OnDestroy ( )
    Would know how to fix it . Thank you

  5. Joaquin

    I would also like to try it on android mobile augmented reality Vuforia . Please help

  6. Joaquin


  7. Megha

    Instead of making confusion with words this is what i want to create an android application for interior designing with augmented reality….
    …. i want to create an android application in which the user can buy the furniture from the online shopping sites and by using my app user will be able to see the augmented view of those furniture at their place and if they like it than they can purchase it… i hope this time i m clear what i want to say…

    • admin

      Yep, it is crystal clear. You will have a hell of a work to do.

      • Megha

        hmm ya i know its not so simple n so easy.. but i want to do it.. not for a particular output but for sake of knowledge please can you guide me for this?? i will do my best.. just guide me i will work hard on it… please..

        • admin

          My guidance is the tutorials I make. Just be patient and I think fragment by fragment you will be able to build what you want.

  8. Megha

    okay thanks… but i have to submit it as my college project so let me know from where should i start??? which platform will be suitable for my project and what should i do first?? just let me know that means i will be able to start my work …

  9. Ricardo

    Hi, greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! First, I wanna thank you for all your tutorials, I am trying to learn more about Unity3D since I started to watch your videos. But I have this question: If I want to use my smartphone as a stereo glasses with augmented reality, does Vuforia generate an output app for this? Thanks once again and I hope your ideas help to transform our world into a better place!

    • admin

      Hello, Ricardo. Thank you for kind words.
      Actually I don’t know the answer, I haven’t done anything alike so far. I mean I didn’t tried to use smartphone as AR glasses. But if you find some useful info on internet later on while researching, please let me know, I’m interested in everything related to AR.

  10. Walker

    How do apply log in account for META to get the tutorial?

  11. andry widyanto

    sir, i cant dwonload your part tutorial

    if u have that docs you can email me please

    thanks a lot

  12. mahmoud elfeky

    Hello very good job but I have this problem in unity 64
    DllNotFoundException: MetaVisionDLL Meta.IMUMotionData.Update () Meta.IMULocalizer.Update ()
    when i tried using unity 32 i had this
    Could not load type ‘Meta.MetaKeyboard’ from assembly ‘Meta, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.
    and inspector dont show data

  13. ipahlevi

    when i play scene,unity say ” DllNotFoundException: Aseet/Plugins/x86/MetaVersionDLL.dll ”
    i wear unity 5.0
    what does this mean?

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