Arduino and Color Recognition Sensor TCS230 TCS3200

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7 Responses

  1. How I can detect white color?

  2. why the values are not same each time though color object is same from same distance?

  3. francis

    Bro, the intensity should be increased for proper accuracy.. i would suggest a magnifying glass placed before the LED’s of the sensor or an external source of light so that the reflected light hits the sensor properly..


    if i want to get yellow color, how to set condition to get it? please help me

    • Hello, add yellow color to the sensor, see in what interval values are provided and add accordingly conditions for that color. That’s it.

  5. Hi !

    Seems the sensor works, there are values on monitor, but leds on sensor do not put on.

    What can i do ?

  6. can you elaborate the working of ‘color’ class?

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