Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 1: Marker-Based Primitive Object Augmentation

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Little by little we’re moving to

This is one of the first and easiest to accomplish Augmented Reality tutorials in just a few minutes. It will get more interesting, just visit

Download # Processing

Download # Newest nyar4psg 2.0.0 library for Augmented Reality (*.rar file)

Download # Hiro Marker (*.pdf file)

NOTE: Extract library and put nyar4psg folder to Processing libraries location as you can see in example here: “C:\Users\EdgarasArt\Documents\Processing\libraries”. If there are no libraries folder in Processing folder (in My Documents) – create it!

32 Responses

  1. Anoukh

    Hi. I have downloaded Processing 3. When I run simpleLite the following error is shown in the console. “No library found for
    Libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the ‘sketchbook’ folder.”
    Any Solution

  2. hiderto

    I don’t have any camera on my computer, athough I would like to use the camera of my mobilephone, is it possible to make the program search for IP address of a camera?

    • admin

      Hello. Nothing is impossible, however, I never tried to do this. Trust me, you don’t need this additional problem solving.

    • admin

      If the library is in place, it’s really hard to say what else could be wrong here.

        • admin

          I can see that you’re not using Win OS so it’s hard for me to suggest something. Also, you’re using Processing 2.1.2 not 2.2.1 but I don’t think that this causes the problem.

  3. Neel

    Can pls share d code?
    Actually i needed the code with which u had drawn the rectangle around the maker and how to return the coordinates of corners of the marker.

    • admin

      The code is build in the library itself, so just start the example code and look for the code fragment related to marker corner coordinates.

      • Neel

        Thank u very much ,just did not go through all d examples properly . Got it now .

  4. raul

    Hey admin do you have any example which runs on Matlab??

  5. Au

    I cannot find the file [patt.hiro]
    I want to change the marker file.
    Do you know where the file is?

  6. jones

    Hi, i had printed the marker but its not working, can you please tell the dimension of your marker?
    great videos btw

  7. deni

    when i try to start the camera is freezing. any suggestion? i am using notebook.

  8. Yash

    Can the marker be anything of my own choice ? Like any image I want ?

    • admin

      Yes, if you start follow from Augmented Reality Tutorial No. 14.

      • Yash

        but thats using unity3d and vuforia. So does nyar4psg has this limitation of predefined marker file ?

        • admin

          With nyar4psg you will be able to track only square black markers, of course, you can make it your own, but nothing alike images. Such marker-based tracking won’t be so robust.

  9. Ami

    Hai Admin,,,
    I try processing in Ubuntu but I don’t know how to import library Nyar4PSG,, I try to create and copy in ~/Documents/Processing/libraries but it doesn’t work correctly

  10. Thabo

    Hi i started the simple lite example my camera goes on but freezes. Processing doesnt report any errors. Please help.

  11. Jai

    Hi Admin.
    How do I change the marker?
    I created marker in ARtoolkit and hope to use it here.

  12. Mohammed Maher

    I got the same error “No library found for
    Libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the ‘sketchbook’ folder.

    and I found the solution here “”

    The Video and Sound libraries need to be downloaded through the Library Manager. Select “Add Library…” from the “Import Library…” submenu within the Sketch menu.

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